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Wanderback Design

Welcome to our organic approach to your unique landscape and landscape lighting needs. 

Please take some time and browse the photos to get an idea of our solutions to individual homeowner and business needs in an outdoor environment. We believe strongly in preparation and planning in conjunction with the property owners to insure a truly usable space while delivering long term value and enjoyment as well as add to the security of the home.

You'll find some before and after photos, too! 

From design concept development with the client to ammending the soil for planting success, planting and organic mulch to irrigation monitoring and quarterly maintenance, Wanderback Design does it all. Take a look at the process with new construction on a golf course. 

Love Our Yard! 

Our clients really enjoy the changes for years

"I am seeing the results of the bed preparation from last year. The plants are all looking so healthy, even larger in size and I don't have to worry about watering them as much as my other beds."

"Please tell your crew how much we appreciate their explanations on everything. Trever is such a gem, and when they get started, it's amazing how much they get done in a day and it's done RIGHT!"

"Our irrigation schedule has been cut in half since you helped us reset and upgrade the soil. The plants just thrive and the conservation is awesome!"

We're Responsive

We work WITH you on every step

"Look how pretty she is... Buds eveywhere in just two days! I love my landscape!"

"you brought my dream to life... it is more than plants and soil. It is my place of peace and quiet; my place of reflection."

"I have a very special place of love and frienship for you in my heart. The simple words thank you hardly touch my gratitude for all the things you have done for me. Thank you Wanderback."

"We chose organic because our son's health issues require a safe and chemical free environment and he's out there playing all the time! The entire yard is perfect for him"
-various clients 

Giving Back

We LOVE taking care of our schools in the Dallas area

Wanderback has installed organic landscape elements and gardens in preschools, elemenatary schools and high schools in the Dallas and Irving areas. The students learn about our environment while enjoying a safe space and the serenity it provides in the midst of everyday pressure.